Accusplit Alliance AL608


Counts tally up to 9,999 in numbers of one Handheld fits perfectly in your palm Manual tally counter, no batteries needed Five-year, no-proof-of-purchase warranty The AccuSplit Alliance AL608 Handheld Tally Counter is great for ticket takers at sporting events or for any other tallying needs. The AccuSplit AL608 is easy to use, and is manual so no batteries are required - just start clicking away. The AL608 is designed for handheld use and fits perfectly in your palm. This Tally Counter counts up to 9,999 in increments of one, and then rolls over back to zero after 9,999. Sleek, simple, and durable as they come, the AL608 Tally Counter comes with the AccuSplit exclusive five-year no-proof-of-purchase warranty.

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