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What Soccer Accessories Do I Need?

What Soccer Accessories Do I Need?

Jun 1, 2019

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Shin Guards

Hibbett Sports carries a wide range of soccer accessories, including protective gear and on-field equipment.

Different players choose shin guards in different materials. For younger players, midfielders and forwards, fiberglass guards offer lightweight protection. Defensemen need heavier guards made from materials like polyurethane. The two main guard types are:

  • Sock-style guards which pull on like a sock with padding around the ankle as well as the shin. These are washable and sometimes have removable pads.
  • Strap-secured guards provide protection only for the shin and are often made of hard plastic. They’re held in place by soccer socks.

To choose the right size, make sure the shin guard covers the entire area from the player’s ankle to his or her knee.


Available in all colors and sizes, make sure you find a properly fitted sock that covers your shin guards.


Worn by goalies for good grip, select soccer gloves based on their feel.


Lightweight portable goals are perfect to quickly set up or collapse before and after practice.


Handheld pumps keep balls inflated to ensure performance.

Equipment Bags

Soccer bags provide all the room you need for your gear.

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