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How Do I Find the Right Fit in a Wrestling Shoe?

finding the right wrestling shoe

Wrestlers need shoes that support during pushing, twisting, pulling and other on-feet maneuvering. Good mat traction helps prevent falls and adds even more power to wrestling moves.

Here are some helpful tips when choosing the right shoe:

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  • Look for good ankle support, along with heel counters for rear foot stability, and a strap for even more strength.
  • Check out the gum and solid rubber outsoles, designed just for wrestlers, with the optional split soles for increased flexibility and traction.
  • Wear wrestling socks when trying on your shoe. Unlike the tennis shoe or walking shoe, wrestling shoes should fit like a glove, but with enough room for the toes to move when the wrestler is standing and moving. Also unlike the tennis, walking or running shoe, there’s no insole in a wrestling shoe. The heel fits snugly because the inside of the heel is less padded and more firm.

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