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What Features Do Cross Trainers Provide?

what features do cross trainers provide

You want a good cross trainer that will take you from the gym to the track as you go through the motions of your workouts. Cross trainers provide lightweight cushioning, flexibility and support.

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  • A cross trainer features synthetic leather for long-lasting wear, with added-in mesh in some cases to reduce the shoe’s weight.
  • Removable insoles allow for cleaning and replacement.
  • A standard EVA midsole generally combines with a brand technology to reduce weight while increasing shock absorption. Added motion control may come in the form of medial and lateral bridges and supports.
  • The outsole employs a waffle pattern, which makes for increased traction during outdoor activities, while a herringbone pattern is typically seen for indoor-related activities, and forefoot flex grooves offer improved flexibility.

How Do I Find My Fit?

Make sure there’s a thumbnail’s width between the end of the longest toe and the end of the toe box. Your heel may move slightly but it should not slip.

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