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What Should I Consider When Buying Basketball Equipment?

What Should I Consider When Buying Basketball Equipment?


Choose a sturdy basketball pole — the thicker the pole, the sturdier the goal. Poles are the backbone of the entire goal setup. Families with multiple-sized children need easy height-adjusting poles so everyone can play.

Select an in-ground pole for a more permanent and secure option. Some in-ground poles also have a ground sleeve, which makes it a bit easier to relocate the goal. Portable goals are growing in popularity because they’re easy to move. The bases are filled with either sand or water for weight.


Did you know the shape of a backboard can help decide which one is best for your space? Fan-shaped boards are made specifically for players who lack space. The rectangular backboards are sturdier and require more space.

  • Opt for fiberglass on an outdoor court. Rust-proof and sturdy, this a great option for beginning basketball players.
  • Select a graphite blackboard for either indoor or outdoor play. They’re lightweight and durable.
  • Choose a steel backboard for an outdoor playground. These boards are extremely durable, but will rust over time.
  • Pick an acrylic board for the serious basketball player. It looks and feels like glass without the extra expense.


Today’s basketball rims have come a long way from the early days of old peach baskets. There are two types of rims: standard and flex.

  • Go for the standard rim, consisting of sturdy steel, for beginning and immediate players. It offers an 18-inch-diameter opening, a heavy-duty backplate and support braces.
  • Opt for the flex rim for more serious players. It’s designed to flex downward when force is applied to the outer rim, protecting the rim and the backboard. Flex rims are the same size as the standard rim.
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