Hibbett Rewards FAQs

QUESTION: I have two separate Hibbett Rewards accounts. Can these be merged into one?

Answer: Yes. Please contact Customer Service at 1-844-362-4422 and select option 3. Next select option 2 for account merging help.

QUESTION: How do I view my Hibbett Rewards Points?

Answer: You can view your account details, Points and Awards, or create a new account.

QUESTION: I can’t log in to my account. How do I reset my password?

Answer: If you have forgotten your Hibbett Rewards account password, or are having trouble logging in, you can reset your password here.

QUESTION: When do my Points from a purchase display in my account?

Answer: For eligible in-store purchases, Points earned will be posted to a Participant’s account within 72 hours of purchase completion. For eligible online purchases, Points will be posted to a Participant’s account within 72 hours after the order ships. In the case of an online transaction that includes purchase of multiple items, the online transaction shall not be considered complete until all items ordered have shipped to Participant or, if an item is unavailable, until the request for purchase of that item is canceled by Hibbett due to lack of availability.

QUESTION: I didn’t have my member number during a previous Hibbett purchase, can I still receive credit?

Answer: Yes. You may submit purchase information from your sales receipt. Login to your Hibbett Rewards account and click into the "My Points" section on your account dashboard. Scroll down to the “Missing Points Submission” form and enter the necessary information from your receipt or online order. Your request will be processed within an estimated 72 hours of submission. Please note Points will not be awarded for purchases made at City Gear locations.

QUESTION: Do my Reward Points ever expire?

Answer: Earned Points will expire after 365 days if they have not been converted into an Award.

QUESTION: What purchases qualify for reward Points?

Answer:All merchandise purchased at a Hibbett Sports store or on Hibbett.com qualifies for Award Points. Purchases made at City Gear locations do not qualify for Award Points. Sales tax and fees are not considered a part of the qualified purchase.

QUESTION: Do I receive Points when using a gift card?

Answer: Yes. Points are earned when you purchase merchandise with a gift card. Points are not earned when you purchase a gift card.

QUESTION: How many Points per dollar do I earn (MVP vs. VIP)?

Answer: MVP members earn 1 Point per $1 spent at Hibbett Sports stores and on Hibbett.com, and VIP members earn 1.5 Points per $1 spent. No Points are awarded for purchases made at City Gear locations.

QUESTION: When will I get my birthday offer?

Answer:You will receive your birthday offer during your birthday month. Please make sure you have provided your birthdate via the online portal to ensure you will receive this offer.

QUESTION: I have reached 200 Points in my Hibbett Rewards account. When will I receive my Award?

Answer: Awards will be issued within 48 hours after earning 200 or more Points. Members will be notified of an Award via email and/or once eligible. Points for purchases may take up to 72 hours to display in your account for in store orders. For online purchases, Points should display within 72 hours after your order ships. Please note that your entire online order must ship before you are awarded Points.

QUESTION: How do I redeem my Awards in store?

Answer: During checkout, let the cashier know you would like to use your Awards. The associate will be able look up your eligible Rewards and apply them to your purchase at that time. Awards can only be redeemed at Hibbett Sports store locations or on Hibbett.com. Awards cannot be redeemed at City Gear locations.

QUESTION: How do I redeem my Awards online?

Answer: During checkout, if you have an Award available an option will display to “apply” that Award before finalizing your purchase.

QUESTION: How long will my Award stay valid?

Answer: Your Award will remain valid for 45 days from the date it is issued.

QUESTION: My Award has expired; can you send me another one?

Answer: No. Awards cannot be reissued after expiration or usage.

QUESTION: If I make a purchase using an Award and return that purchase, do I get to keep my Award?

Answer: No. Awards are only valid for one-time use and cannot be reissued after usage.

QUESTION: How do I earn VIP status?

Answer: Once you earn 250+ Points in a calendar year, your Hibbett Rewards account will update to VIP status. Once you are a VIP member, your Hibbett Rewards account will retain that status for 365 days. For example, if you earned VIP status on January 10th, you would retain this status until January 10th of the next year. As a VIP member, you can take advantage of benefits like earning 1.5 Points for every $1 spent, free standard shipping on Hibbett.com orders, and early access to sales and discounts.

QUESTION: Do I need to get a new Hibbett Rewards plastic card or key fob after I reach VIP status?

Answer:No. You may continue using your current Rewards card or give the cashier your phone number to receive and redeem Points in a Hibbett Sports location.

QUESTION: Does my VIP status expire every year?

Answer: Yes. You can start earning Points toward maintaining your VIP status starting January 1st the following year. In order to maintain VIP status, you are required to earn 250+ Points between January 1st of the current calendar year and your VIP expiration date (365 days). For example, if you earned VIP status on January 10th, 2018, your VIP status would expire on January 10th, 2019. To maintain VIP status, you’ll need to earn 250+ Points from January 1st, 2019 to January 10th, 2019.

QUESTION: What additional benefits do I receive for being a VIP?

Answer: VIP members earn 1.5 Points per $1 spent at Hibbett and early access to sales, events and offers!

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