Date of Last Revision: September 17, 2019


The goal of Hibbett Sporting Goods, Inc. and its affiliates and subsidiaries, including but not limited to City Gear, LLC (collectively, “Hibbett”), is to provide our customers and potential customers with interfaces that enable them to gather information easily and successfully and conduct business with us through Hibbett.com.  Effective September 10, 2019, www.citygear.com redirects automatically to www.hibbett.com, which serves as the website of both Hibbett and City Gear brands and operations.

If you are using assistive technologies, Hibbett’s goal is to make your use of Hibbett’s website an enjoyable and successful experience.

The World Wide Web Consortium’s Web Content and mobile app Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 are considered by many to establish appropriate standards for website accessibility.  We are working to ensure that Hibbett.com or any Hibbett Mobile App substantially conforms to WCAG 2.0 standards to the extent reasonable. Hibbett attempts to make every page accessible to users, but cannot guarantee that every page conforms to WCAG 2.0 standards.


If you have any difficultly accessing any functionality, feature or other aspect of Hibbett.com  please call us at (844) 362-4422, click the “Contract Us” link on Hibbett.com, or email us at customer.feedback@hibbett.com and we will assist and reasonably accommodate you by providing the information or service you request through an alternative communication method that is accessible for you, including telephone support.


We invite you to contact us regarding any suggestions you may have regarding how Hibbett could improve the accessibility of Hibbett.com.  If you have a suggestion, please call us at (844) 362-4422, or email us at customer.feedback@hibbett.com.