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The game clock counting down the final seconds. The charged atmosphere. The squeak of sneakers against the court. To get to those moments in the game, you need basketball shoes that can take you there. At Hibbett Sports we offer properly fitted women’s basketball shoes to complement your game style and deliver the results you need to get the win you want. Our in-store shoe professionals can fit you with the footwear for unmatched on-court comfort and performance, whether you need low-ankle stability with a Nike shoe or you prefer the higher-top stability and retro look of adidas Originals. Browse our exclusive basketball shoes for women both in-stores and online. We guarantee you’ll find the right basketball shoe for your game in a variety of styles and colorways.

Basketball Shoes

  • Standard Price$140.00 Sale Price$69.97
  • Standard Price$95.00 Sale Price$59.97
  • Standard Price$75.00 Sale Price$54.95
  • Standard Price$90.00 Sale Price$39.97