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Brand Spotlight : Dreamland NYC

Brand Spotlight : Dreamland NYC

Oct 19, 2018

This article was originally featured on the City Gear blog in October 2018. Not all products in this collection are currently available on Last updated: January 21, 2020.

Here at City Gear, we love highlight bold ideas meant to shake the status quo and champion innovation. Making the freshest stuff always involves pushing the boundaries and evolving fashion and our new brand does just that. We’re proud to introduce a new brand into the City Gear fold called Dreamland NYC. Dreamland NYC is the results of combined efforts from a trio of brothers and inspired by the ideal of the American Dream. Dreamland represents when your greatest dreams and your reality become one, where through your perseverance and hard work your fantasy becomes a reality.


The descendants of a Panamanian immigrant who was a tailor in Brooklyn, the trio has both hard work and fashion coursing through their veins and it shows in their brilliant designs.

Their dynamic lightning bolt logo represents how quick and hard inspiration strikes. Even as young brand Dreamland NYC has the cosign from some of the coolest in the game like double platinum comedian and singer Lil Duval and talented spitter YBN Cordae. Dreamland is the next big thing so we advise you to take heed to their motto “Don’t Sleep.”


Be sure to keep you eye on what Dreamland NYC is cooking up and shop the new collection here.

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