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MVP Rewards Program

I have a question regarding my MVP Rewards account. How can I have it answered?
I registered at my local Hibbett store and cannot verify my MVP Rewards account online.
How long will my initial 20% off coupon stay valid?
My initial 20% off coupon has expired; can you send me another one?
While attempting to print my initial, 20% off coupon, my printer had an error.
I have over 350 Points in my MVP Rewards account. Where is my Reward Certificate?
Why does my previous purchase say "pending" in my Points history?
I did not present my MVP Rewards card at a previous Hibbett purchase, can I still receive credit?
I have two separate MVP Rewards accounts. Can these be merged into one?
I lost my MVP Rewards card. Can you please send me another one?
I forgot my username and/or password and cannot log into my MVP Rewards account.
How long will my Reward Certificate stay valid?
My Reward Certificate has expired; can you send me another one?
I am not receiving emails from Hibbett. What is wrong?
I am not receiving direct mail from Hibbett. What is wrong?
I recently received an email notification from Hibbett asking me for financial information. What should I do?

General Information

Will Hibbett sponsor or donate money to my team or organization?
Is Hibbett involved with my local Chamber of Commerce?
What if I want to advertise with Hibbett?
Why can't I buy products directly on
Does Hibbett carry golf or tennis items?
If I want to order uniforms for my team, can I get a discount?
Does Hibbett give student or military discounts?

MVP Terms and Conditions and Points Breakdown