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Holiday Gifts For All Sneakerhead Styles

Holiday Gifts For All Sneakerhead Styles

Dec 12, 2019

Finding gifts for sneaker lovers may seem like mission impossible with the countless releases and new styles hitting shelves every week. With more choices than you can possibly imagine out there, pinpointing the perfect pair of kicks to gift should be easy, but so many options can sometimes make it more difficult.

How do you choose the right colorway and the best style for the sneakerhead in your life?

Does your favorite shoe fanatic prefer throwback Jordans or the latest YEEZYs? Is she up on the latest trends, or does he prefer a more classic look, and what exactly is an EVA midsole anyway?

To help you get your friends and family a gift that will truly rock their socks off this holiday season, we’ve put together a list of the best gifts for sneakerheads based on their personal sneaker style.

The OG

History, simplicity and style. This sneakerhead is all about classic colorways and throwback looks. Skip the flash-in-the-pan, ultra-vivid kicks, and stick to the OGs of the sneaker world like Retro Jordans, Nike Foamposite sneakers, or adidas Superstars.

The Trendsetter

What’s the opposite of the OG? The Trendsetter. These sneakerheads are always on the lookout for the next “big thing” and are typically the first to have the latest release or quickstrike. While they appreciate the history of a shoe and how it relates to streetwear culture, these folks love super-limited releases like YEEZY 350s or 700s and adidas Ultraboosts.

The Hypebeast

The Hypebeast sneakerhead wants the best of both worlds. When they shop for shoes, they want sneakers that deliver on both fashion and function. The perfect gift for a Hypebeast is one he or she can wear during a morning run or a pickup game as well as to the mall or work. You can’t go wrong with a pair of Nike Air Force 1s or Hauraches.

The Rising Star

NBA superstars like Kyrie Irving and Paul George were once up-and-comers with big dreams of playing in the pros. Rising Stars share those same dreams and want kicks that will help make those dreams a reality. Sure, there are plenty of basketball shoes out there, but Nike, adidas, Puma and Under Armour all have collections for other sports types, too.

Your Rising Star may be a runner who would appreciate a pair of Brooks running shoes. Or maybe your future MLB outfielder could use some Mizuno cleats.

This holiday season, whether you’re shopping for the hottest new shoe on the market, a sneaker culture classic, or a performance shoe to jumpstart someone’s NBA career, Hibbett | City Gear has got what you need.

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