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No Gym, No Problem – Home Gym Essentials from Hibbett | City Gear

No Gym, No Problem – Home Gym Essentials from Hibbett | City Gear

Apr 9, 2020

Can’t go to the gym? No sweat. It’s simple to get fit from home with the right equipment and accessories from Hibbett | City Gear!

Cardio and Stamina

Jump Rope – Jumping rope is surprisingly beneficial to your mind, body and overall health. Not only does this form of exercise great for heart health, but jumping rope also improves coordination and stimulates right and left brain development.

Another reason your home gym needs a jump rope? Ten minutes of jumping rope burns roughly the same amount of calories as running an eight-minute mile.

Training ConesTraining cones are generally used for agility workouts and warm-up exercises in sports like football and soccer, but they can also be used as station markers for circuit workouts or touchpoints for running wind sprints and shuttle runs.

Plyo Box – Incorporating Plyo Box exercises into your workout routine helps build endurance, enables you to shed calories quick and tones strengthens your calves, glutes and quads.

No Gym, No Problem - Home Gym Essentials from Hibbett | City Gear

Battle Ropes – While Battle Ropes do help tone your arms, this piece of home-fitness equipment offers a low-impact, high-intensity cardio workout that burns roughly 170 calories every 14 minutes, or about 12 calories per minute.

By comparison, doing burpees or jumping jacks for 60 seconds burns only eight calories.

Strength Training

Resistance BandsResistance Bands are extremely versatile fitness tools. Great for toning your arms, legs and core muscles, resistance bands are easy to use and easy to store, and what they lack in bulk they make up for in burn.

No Gym, No Problem - Home Gym Essentials from Hibbett | City Gear

Medicine Ball – Stationary lunges with chest twists, medicine ball cross chops, medicine ball chest presses… the exercise opportunities are endless. Medicine balls are perfect for turning your body into a fat-burning machine!

Kettle Balls – Like medicine balls, Kettle Balls are ideal for use in total body workouts. Kettle ball exercises combine strength and cardio training to burn calories fast, work multiple muscle groups at once and improve coordination and balance.

Barbel and Weight Plates – No home gym is complete without a barbell and weight plates. The four most common barbell exercises — squats, bench presses, overhead presses and deadlifts — strengthen the same muscles simultaneously as multiple machines at the gym strengthen individually.

This is huge when you’re short on space and on time, especially when you’re squeezing your workout into your work-from-home lunch hour.

No Gym, No Problem - Home Gym Essentials from Hibbett | City Gear

Home Fitness Accessories

After you’ve fitted your home fitness center with all your essential equipment and gear, round out the work(out) from home environment with a few accessories.

Consider padding your workout space with foam Puzzle Sport Mats. These 40″x40″ tiles provide a more comfortable surface for floor exercises like pushups and situps, donkey kicks and planks.

Keeping a foam roller and/or massage hook for sore, tight or knotted muscles is a good idea, too. Making sure your body is cared for after your workout is just as important as the workout itself.

No Gym, No Problem - Home Gym Essentials from Hibbett | City Gear

And of course, you will need something to help track your progress. Gauging your gains is easy with the GoFit Digital Scale.

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