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What’s In Your Bag for Baseball/Softball Season?

What’s In Your Bag for Baseball/Softball Season?

Feb 10, 2020

Baseball and softball are all about the details. Misreading a pitch can turn a home run into a pop fly that won’t even get you to first base. A misstep for the catch can lead to a raspberry on your knees and a triple play if you’re not careful. Start the 2020 season without the right equipment, and there goes your chance at the pennant.

Every preseason starts with preparation, teamwork, and ticking off all the boxes on your equipment checklist. Hibbett | City Gear is your go-to provider when it comes to everything you or your little ace needs to succeed no matter the budget, playing style, or position.

With our great selection of baseball and softball equipment, apparel, and accessories, there’s no need to round the bases and hit multiple stores to stock up on ball season essentials. You can get all you need in one spot with Hibbett | City Gear online or in-stores at your local Hibbett Sports location. We’ve even created an easy-to-mark-off checklist of everything in your ball bag this season and exactly where you can find it.


  • Practice Pants: Train like you play with a pair of uniform-equivalent baseball or softball practice pants. Or if you’d rather play in something a little more comfortable, a pair of joggers or sweatpants would work too. To prevent injury, make sure whatever you wear doesn’t have buttons or zippers.
  • Practice Shirt: Pack a practice shirt that provides breathability and flexibility. We recommend something made with materials engineered to keep you cool such as a Nike Dri-FIT tee or a shirt made with adidas AEROREADY or Climacool technology.
  • Base Layer: Base layers pull double duty by using moisture-wicking technology to pull sweat from your body, while also delivering an added layer of protection. Base layer clothing is typically some sort of compression gear.
  • Ball Caps: You can’t go to practice or a game without your ball cap. It’s part of the uniform! Our wide range of styles and adjustable sizes means there’s something for everyone at Hibbett | City Gear.
  • Tall Socks: Treat your feet to the comfort they need and the protection your shins need with a pair of tall socks.
  • Uniform Belt: Your uniform belt should be lightweight, comfortable, and durable enough to keep your baseball or softball pants where you want them when you slide into home plate.
  • Cleats: Put your best foot forward with footwear from our selection of baseball and softball cleats. Not sure what type of cleats you need for your playing position? Check out our handy Cleat Finder!

Equipment & Gear

  • Bags: Whether you prefer the space afforded by a wheeled baseball or softball bag, or you’re more comfortable with something more compact like a backpack, we’ve got the ball bag for you. Keep in mind that the more equipment you have, the bigger the bag you’ll need. Catchers, for example, may need extra room for their added protective equipment.
  • Glove and Mitts: You can’t play the great American pastime without gloves or mitts. Rookies can learn more about how to find the right fit here and here.
  • Batting Gloves: Improve your grip on the bat by sliding your hands into some batting gloves.
  • Helmet: Safety is key when it comes to any sport. Make sure you have a proper fit and optimal protection with one of our reliable helmets.
  • Protective Gear: Additional protective gear like mouth guards, wrist guards and face masks not only protect you from line drives to the face, but our collection of colorful and unique options can help you express your individuality too.
  • Catcher’s Equipment (if applicable): It’s a tough job, but you can handle anything thrown your way. Find the protection you need with our selection of catcher’s equipment.
  • Practice Balls: The only way to perfect a skill is to spend 10,000 hours practicing. Become the next NCAA MVP by hitting a few extra baseballs or softballs this season. Stock up with us!
  • Baseball Bat: Swing for the fences with our massive stock of baseball and softball bats.


  • Water Bottle: Stay hydrated and refreshed all season long with a reusable water bottle.
  • Swing Trainers: Timing is key when it comes to your swing. Pick up a swing trainer to perfect your moves.
  • Bat Grip: Grip it and rip it with our assortment of bat grips.
  • Sunglasses: Get a better view of the ball and protect your eyes from the sun’s rays with a pair of sunglasses.
  • Ankle/Wrist Tape: Whether it’s for added support or to help with an injury, ankle/wrist tape is a must-have for any baseball bag.

Additional Accessories

Get to your local Hibbett | City Gear, or shop online at, for baseball and softball gear and apparel that knocks it out of the park!

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