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Post Malone x Arnette Sunglasses Are Here!

Post Malone x Arnette Sunglasses Are Here!

Apr 3, 2020

What do you get when you combine an easygoing California eyewear company with the chill vibe of an edgy hip-hop artist? Meet the fresh fashion of the Post Malone x Arnette collection. We’re calling it now: This is the hottest must-have eyewear collab of the season.

So while you’re snapping those #socialdistancing selfies, pop on a pair of Posty sunnies, too.

All About Arnette

While Post Malone needs no introduction, you may need a quick rundown on Arnette eyewear. The California company got its start in the OC in 1992, producing high-quality shades and eyeglasses geared toward a younger generation. Nearly 30 years later, Arnette continues to make affordable designer sunglasses with a global street aesthetic.

As a spirited, creative brand associated with a genuine, laidback irreverence, Arnette is the perfect fit for a Posty partnership. Check out some of our (and Post’s) favorite new styles from the Post Malone x Arnette collection.

Posty Signature Sunnies

With more than 60 tats, signature wispy hair and various blingy grills, Post Malone keeps fans guessing what he’ll wear (or do) next. Meet three sets of shades that espouse his style:

Post Malone x Arnette Yellow: Posty regularly rocks yellow sports coats, hoodies and plenty of yellow tees, so this shade of the “Sunflower” singer’s frames perfectly fit his vibe.

Post Malone x Arnette Black: Timeless and befitting of perhaps the biggest misfit, these celebrity sunglasses are on point, whether you’re quarantining or clubbing.

Post Malone Lizard Frames

Ever seen a pic of Posty’s iguana, Karl? If not, don’t sweat it. You can still get a feel for the retro reptile when you catch a glimpse of your reflection sporting a pair of Lizard shades.

Arnette AN4266 Lizard Sunglasses: Conceal your eyes behind a pair of sunglasses cooler than a cold-blooded reptile. An irregular, rounded shape makes these frames perfect for any face shape.

Post’s Favorite Styles

We can all agree that Post Malone is a chameleon, keeping us on our toes with his unconventional, uncompromising style. Here are a few of Post’s favorite Arnette shades.

Arnette AN4264 Clayface Sunglasses: Why fit in when you can stand out? Snag these statement shades for wear day or night.

Arnette AN4259 Borrow Sunglasses: Be the tastemaker and influencer you were meant to be when you slip on a pair of these #mood sunnies.

Arnette AN4260 Lost Boy Sunglasses: Not all who wander are lost. This steadfast style gets its inspo from Arnette’s ’90s heritage and its protection from violet-colored lenses.

Arnette AN4218 Swindle Sunglasses: Embrace the hustle and stay true to your roots with the iconic silhouette and matte black frame of the Swindle style.

Whether you’re sunning in the backyard, taking a stroll through the neighborhood, or enjoying a cup of Joe on the patio, fire up a Post Malone playlist and stunt in a pair of Post Malone x Arnette shades, available at Hibbett | City Gear online, today.

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