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Shock the competition with a new pair of Nike Shox from Hibbett Sports. Nike’s revolutionary midsole support technology, composed of hollow geometric columns, provides unique comfort and support so you can run faster and play harder. Nike Shox designed a solution that not only prolongs shoe function by dampening repetitive contact during running and walking, but also cushions the wearer’s heel, allowing you to conserve energy in the spring-back, recycling motion that is typically lost. The intuitive design adds up to enhance the user's competitive or casual endurance. Visit Hibbett Sports in stores or online. As a leading premium sports retailer, we offer a wide array of colorways and custom fits for men, women and children. Our unrivaled in-store customer service makes it easy to match your pair of Nike Shox shoes to your personal fitness, play and athletic goals.


  • Sale Price$125.00
  • Sale Price$125.00 See Price in Bag
  • Standard Price$125.00 Sale Price$89.97
  • Standard Price$125.00 Sale Price$84.97
  • Price Range$74.97 - $74.97
  • Standard Price$125.00 Sale Price$74.97