How to Store Your Sneaker Collection

How to Store Your Sneaker Collection

Jul 21, 2020

So you have an impressive sneaker collection full of your favorites from Nike, adidas, Jordan and Puma. Now what? Whether you have a grand sneaker closet or just under-the-bed storage, there are very few rules when it comes to sneaker collecting and sneaker collection storage. That said, here are a few Hibbett | City Gear-approved tips for how to store your sneaker collection.

Clean Those Kicks Before Storing

You’ve worn them and now that clean white toe shell has — gasp — a big black scuff mark. No worries! A little elbow grease and soft-bristled brush or a quick wipe can shine those shoes right up again. To keep your sneakers in spectacular condition, we recommend doing a quick wipe-down after each use, but for a full heel-to-toe cleanse, check out our how-to guide for cleaning sneakers.

Shape Your Shoes

Before putting your sneakers in their storage space or container, you’re going to want to ensure they keep their shape while not being worn. Insert shoe trees or paper to keep those kicks smooth and to avoid shoe creases.

Keep the Box … But Only If You Want To

It’s tempting to ditch the box after you get a pair of sneakers, particularly if you plan on wearing the shoes a lot. But, hold up! Even if you plan on keeping your kicks for years and years, having the original box adds value to the shoes. That’s particularly true if you want to resell them at a later date or if you simply aim to build a top-dollar collection.

Retailer shoeboxes may not be the most visually appealing option for displaying your kicks, but their cardboard construction material gets points for its stiffness and stackability. If you do go this route, keep in in mind that those boxes can break down over time, so you will need to revisit your sneaker storage solution again in the future.

But overall, if you plan on storing all your shoes in their original boxes, we say go for it! (If you’re limited in space, it’s okay to ditch them, too.)

Settle on a Storage Option

Once your shoes are shaped and clean, what do you put them in if you’re not really interested in keeping them in their original box? Well, there are plenty of other ways to store your collection of kicks.

Sneaker-specific boxes like the Nike Shoebox Bag and sneaker display cases certainly fit the bill. If you don’t want to spend an arm and a leg on those, however, displaying them along wire shelving in a windowless, climate-controlled closet works great, too. Keep in mind that if you decide to store your sneakers in the open, they will collect dust over time, so have a care plan in place to keep them looking fresh.

Another option: fill a chest of drawers with sneakers!

Stay Out of the Sun

Sunlight is the enemy of fresh leather and vivid colors, meaning white colors yellow, bright hues fade and suede and other synthetic materials begin to collect dust.

Exposure to sunlight not only degrades the appearance of your sneakers, if not stored properly, sunlight can also damage your shoes’ integrity. Leave your sneakers out in the heat and light too long, and they can dry out and fall apart.

To avoid damaging your valuables, we recommend you stash your sneaker collection in a dark spot, away from windows or direct sun, if possible.

Heat-Proof Your Storage Spot

As mentioned above, too much heat can dry out and ruin your sneakers. Along the same lines, humidity can cause just as much damage. If you’re thinking your attic or a stuffy top-floor closet is a great spot for your vast collection, you may want to reconsider.

Aim to store your collection in a cool, dry area.

Choose Your Organization Method

You don’t need KonMari certification to figure out what sparks joy when it comes to organizing your kicks collection. Do you prefer seeing your shoes sorted by color? Model? Brand? Your sneaker collection is a reflection of your personality, so organize your shoes however you find most visually appealing.

Need another pair (or three) of sneakers to beef up your collection? Keep tabs on Hibbett | City Gear’s launch calendar for the latest and greatest sneaker releases and check out our tips and tricks for how to snag all the hottest releases of the season!

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