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Sneaker Releases – Nike Air Zoom UNVRS Men’s & Women’s Basketball Shoe

Sneaker Releases –  Nike Air Zoom UNVRS  Men’s & Women’s Basketball Shoe

Nov 26, 2019

Nike always says, “If you have a body, you are an athlete.” Nike continues to push the boundaries of innovation to share for all the joy of sport. With the new technology of “FLYEASE”, it will promote more diversity, inclusion, and Equality for all athletes.

The inspiration for the design was Elena Delle Donne, Gold medalist, 2015 WNBA MVP, and Forward for the Washington Mystics. In addition to being one of the best basketball players in the world, Elena is a caretaker for her sister Lizzie who lives with disabilities. The idea was, “how can we get a shoe to be easier to take on and take off?” That is where the new FLYEASE system came into play. The shoe also accommodates multiple different foot types, and can be used hand-free when putting on or taking off.

The FLYEASE system includes FLYWIRE, FLYEASE, FLYKNIT upper, and full-length Air Zoom cushioning system that is stitched directly to the shoes upper to bring it right up under your foot. This also helps with quick responsiveness, regardless of the position you play or style of play.

How does the new FLYEASE system work? Well, the FLYEASE system opens at the heel for quick and easy entry and exit. The heel has magnetized heel folds that fold down to connect to the shoe’s midsole to open the back of the shoe so the athlete is able to slide on and off without using their hands.

Available in two colorways for men and women, this will be a must have for your upcoming basketball season. Shop today at Hibbett | City Gear to get the latest innovation in basketball by Nike.